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The one that makes me see red and demand retraction is the "I'm not a metalurgist but I'm now going to speak at length on how the metal in the frame of the WTC towers could not have melted from just a plane crash" obscenity.

It didnt melt

And as an explanation for the hard of thinking

steel has a tensile strength, at 20 degrees C , a steel I beam has a strength of 20 tons (pure guess here but you'll see where I'm going in a moment), at 800 degrees C (jet fuel/building contents fire) it loses 75% of its strength.

So now the I beam has a strength of 5 tons.... and the designers loaded the beam with 6 tons of stress when the building was designed.......

Compromise the building structure too and the surprising thing about the WTC towers is not that they came down, but they stayed intact for 60 and 90 mins....

Boris, 30 yrs of metal bashing/observing material properties and author of "why the fuck do you think blacksmiths heat steel up before bashing the stuff"

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