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"But maybe as much as 2000 years prior to that, there were triangular sailed craft, clear evidence of which apparently dates back to the 1st century BC"

Well, for what little it's worth, consider this little fact - innovations tend to develop many minor variations at the point of origin and settle down to one or two variations at the ends of the arc of their diffusion. So the fore-and-aft sail variations cluster thick and fact around the Malaysia/Indonesia archipelago and even out into the Pacific, while at one end of the fore-and-aft sail arc, we have the junk rig, and at the other, we have the lateen sail and the lug sail - though I tend to think of the lug sail as a square sail doing work for more than 40% of the time, rather than a development of the lateen. And you can derive the junk rig and the lateen from the side variety of the Malaysian and Indonesian fore-and-aft rigs, but you can't derive those rigs from either the junk rig or the lateen. (The gaff rig and others seem to be either a development of the lateen or the lug: the Marconi/Bermuda appears to be a gaff and topsail rig development.)

So fore-and-aft rig appears to be a Malaysian-Indonesian development. The square sail appears to be a Mediterranean development.If the Mediterranean hadn't been trading with India during the BCE era, they would never have encountered the fore-and-aft rigs in use on the Indian Ocean - some Sumatrans settled Madagascar, did you not know? The Madagascaran language is an Indonesian language.

And how does this tie in with Apollo and the Moon landings? Well, as far as manned space flight goes, we're in the position of the early northern Europeans with dug-out canoes, hugging the coast.

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