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" idiocies about the Pyramids requiring space-alien intervention to get built"

I once saw a TV documentary in which someone debunked all of that in the simplest way possible: building an actual pyramid. It was a small one, with only a few layers, and the blocks were smaller too, but he constructed it with ramps constructed from slag and Egyptian sand, with a handful of people, and the usual kinds of traditional muscling of things into place. The idea was to build them a layer at a time, and have a continuous spiraling ramp going around the outside. Then when you get to the top you take away the ramp, fill in the outer sections of the pyramid as you come back down, and so on. It's why pyramids are triangular, in many ways because of that spiral ramp (made of sand and slag) going to the top along the outer edge.

Or that's the theory. But some evidence suggests they discovered electric lighting also, a large glass bulb that could be evacuated with WATER AND HOSES if you knew what you were doing. You can't suck water up more than about 30 feet of hose, because it forms a perfect vacuum at the top. So that's how you make a vacuum pump, a 30 foot drop of water in a pipe or hose, and we know they had batteries and wire, so there ya go. Ancient Egyptians were pretty freaking smart, and well motivated to succeed, and didn't need space aliens to do it FOR them. And then you could make all of those "how did they do that' paintings inside of pyramid, using an electric light.

Similarly, Apollo scientists and engineers were pretty smart, too, and got the job done, landing 2 men on the moon and bringing them back again.

(as for whether or not there ARE space aliens, I think there ARE. but their conspiratorial role in human history is unlikely to be significant - most likely they would INTERFERE and try to HOLD US BACK, rather than advance us forward, just to become a threat to them later. If they're not just observing, that is)

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