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"Which of those things is more realistic? Are people really still this thick?"

a) the first one (doing something hard and succeeding) is more correct. it was done with guts, guile, and innovation. The tech that came ouf of this program, such as integrated circuits and freeze-dried food, was pretty much a leap forward spawned by that innovation. We could've had an extra decade or two in there before everyone had a personal computer, as one example.

b) As for 'are people really still this thick', apparently so, Mr. Pot. Just take a look in this mirror and you'll see what I mean.

/me does a rendition of the ending of a 'Private SNAFU' cartoon, when our main character sees himself in a mirror as the back end of a horse, and they play this specific snarky music segment as a kind of leitmotif. I think it's supposed to go 'S... N A, F, U'

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