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Rubbish. Are you really too blind to see that the shadow on the left foreground isn't in-line with the flagpole and clearly ends to the left of its foot, and so is nothing to do with the flag or its flagpole.

All the Apollo photos are here: go to and click on "Apollo 11" in the group below the "Apollo Image Gallery" boxed header.

The photo heading the El Reg article is AS11-40-5875 on that web page - go and look at it at a decent resolution. If you look carefully enough you can see that the very narrow shadow of the flagpole goes past Aldrin's right side and extends off the right edge of the photo - its quite hard to see but its there.

The obvious shadow on the left of the picture is cast by the solar wind experiment that Aldrin had just set up. Photo AS11-40-5872 shows him setting it up.

The photo that makes all this clear is a frame from a 16mm movie camera that was left running in the LM - photo AP11FR11, which shows:

  • Aldrin saluting the flag
  • the flag and its shadow alongside him
  • the shadow of the solar wind experiment to the right of Aldrin and the flag, half obscured by a thruster that also appears black because its in the LM shadow
  • Armstrong a few metres away taking photo AS11-40-5875

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