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"The only reason you think this is because you have no understanding of the science and engineering involved."

This, rephrased as If I can't see how it was done it must be impossible underpins all laughable conspiracy theories including a raft of idiocies about the Pyramids requiring space-alien intervention to get built (because they are perfect geometric solids or point North or any one of a number of demonstrably false nonsenses) and, naturally, the Moon landings. The one that makes me see red and demand retraction is the "I'm not a metalurgist but I'm now going to speak at length on how the metal in the frame of the WTC towers could not have melted from just a plane crash" obscenity.

If these twats would spend as much time getting educated on the fundamental principles as they do lapping up the latest brainfart from some Arsebook page they would do everyone including themselves a favor.

I showed one PyramidPonce photographs of the Pyramids showing clearly that they didn't line up, point north (or wherever it was supposed to be) and weren't perfect structures, but instead showed a steady progression of mistakes becoming expertise - in other words, stereotypical human engineering. He still invoked imaginary space aliens and claimed the National Geographic was printing lies.

Another idiot banged on about the Marie Celeste being found in the Bermuda Triangle. When I dug out a map of he world and showed Mr Woo-Woo that the Marie Celeste's reported location was nowhere near the Bermuda Triangle's understood boundaries, he claimed that that just proved he Bermuda Triangle was - wait for it - growing bigger.

Yet another person invoked oceanic farting to explain "unexplained ship losses" in he Bermuda Triangle, citing a TV-filmed experiment. When I pointed out the violence of the postulated "methane bubbles" needed and questioned why none of the satellites we have looking for plumes of chemicals could see all this methane needed to sink a ship, and in turn cited the poor condition, lousy crews (in one case the captain couldn't communicate with the crew because they didn't share a common language) and broken instrumentation (no compass or radar being common) reported on each of the vessels putatively lost to ocean farts and wondered if entirely more mundane explanations might be found for the losses she said I was living in a fantasy world.

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