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That sort of logic requires a mind that's twisted like a Möbius strip!

That's part of the 'proof' the flat-earthers were right. So rather than the Eath being flat, it's really a Möbius strip. That explains how it's possible to 'orbit' the Earth, and why when NASA did that, it didn't have to censor the very suprised looking turtle out of the 'live' feeds.

Netflix had an interesting doc about the Flat Earthers, including their attempts at proof. Like disproving the Earth's curvature using a laser and some math. Strange people.

But in the anniversary spirit, news last night showed a Soyuz being rolled out ready to send the next crew up to the ISS tomorrow. For me, a neat demonstration of the different approaches wrt going direct to the Moon (or Mars) vs to orbit & then ferry flights. The Soyuz looked tiny compared to the Saturn V. Or maybe TV screens were just smaller then..

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