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The only reason you think this is because you have no understanding of the science and engineering involved.

Landing on the Moon is relatively simple newtonion mechanics, the calculations for which can be done on a pocket calculator; you just have to have an understanding of maths.

Newton's three laws of motion are as follows:

1. An object remains at rest or moves in a straight line at a constant speed unless acted upon by a nonzero total force.

2. A force acting on a body causes it to accelerate (change its state of motion) to a degree that is proportional to the body's mass. Stated as an equation, writing F for force, m for mass, and a for acceleration, we have F = ma. In

Other words, an object's velocity and momentum changes with time in proportion to the force acting on it.

3. Forces occur in pairs pointing in opposite directions.

(This law is most often stated as: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For example, when a gun fires, the force acting on the bullet as it accelerates through the barrel is equal to the recoil of the gun acting on the shooter's hand or shoulder.)

The fourth basic law of Newtonian physics is the law of universal gravity: F = Gm 1 / r 2 m 2. Here F is gravitational pull, G is the universal gravitational constant (a fixed number, G = 6.6742 × 10 -11 m 3 kg -1 s -2), m 1 is the mass of one object, m 2 is the mass of the other object, and r is the distance between the centers of the two objects. Larger masses mean larger gravitational force,

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