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If you think, ships where able to cross the oceans in the XVI century (and some, even before=. It should have been impossible for Magellan ships to find the way home, right? What about Cook? Or Vikings find Iceland and Greenland and getting back?

If you think, in WWII battleships could place shells on moving targets large some metres, 20.000 metres away.

Commercial airlines crossed the oceans wit accuracy well before GPS was invented.

You mean also all probes, including the Russian ones, were fake? How could Gagarin return to Earth at the given landing location?

It's called "mathematics" and "physics" and if you master it, it is very precise - even at very large distances for humans. Le Verrier and Adams calculated where to find Neptune using it - without computers.

And in Space there are no clouds (but some nebulas.... far away) to cover the stars you need to check your position...

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