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The government already have my biometrics...

...for the last at least one passport renewal. And the facial recognition system between the details on the chip in that passport and the camera that looks at my face seem to work pretty well.

Now, I realise that the task of looking at the specific biometric record and then checking a clear, full-faced photograph match to within the bands of tolerance is a different prospect to a grainy, quarter face screen-grab from a CCTV camera matching against a database of 60 million individuals, but I wonder when the government will start to allow the police to access the passport records. Or do they only keep the bio-data on their systems long enough to write it to the passport and then dispose of it (manually or, you know, via some sort of built in automatic process that removes records after a certain time span where there isn't a flag actively set and audited to provide valid reason to keep it)

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