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"the problem with c and c++ is they make these kinds of error really easy to make."

W R O N G ! ! ! ! !

When you know what you're doing, C and C++ are probably the BEST possible programming languages to use, which is why they've been around since the 1970's.

So, it's worth the "performance hit" - that's an excuse that Micro-shaft has been using since Windows Vista.

NO EXCUSE I say. Let them DiE ON THE VINE with that kind of WRONG thinking.

I knew the moment they referred to other-than-C/C++ as "modern" that it was just another page out of Arthur C. Clarke's "Superiority", where THE WHIZ KIDS have come along, and it's THEIR TURN NOW, and so they must ABANDON that which is tried/true/reliable for the PREVIOUS TWO GENERATIONS, because *THEY* must *ASSERT* *THEIR* *IMPORTANCE* and *THROW* *ALL* *OF* *THAT* *AWAY* because THEY know best, THEY are smarter, THEY are younger, THEY are IN CHARGE, and it's THEIR TURN NOW.

Expected+predictable FAIL to follow.

(at least they're not using JAVASCRIPT like NodeJS or similar for anything IMPORTANT like maybe their DEVELOPMENT TOOLS... No, wait...)

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