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Don't be a tease

So if Microsoft switches fully to Rust, or Kotlin, or Go or whatever is the flavour 'awesome language' of the month, then what does that say about Linux and all those other open source OSes out there? What about LibreOffice and such massive desktop applications? Should Unreal Engine be rewritten from C++ as well?

Colour me sceptical, but this whole story feels like knee-jerking to me. Anyone who has actually looked at and used Rust notices that it's basically just recoloured C++, with an even more obtuse syntax, almost fully inferred type system (you know, weak typing like in scripting languages) and instead of OOP the not very intuitive Traits system (which is being added to C++ by some enterprising C++ devs as we speak).

There was the joke going around that Mozilla invented Rust because they couldn't admit to their C++-foo being too weak and their codebase being unmaintainable due to every poor development practice in the book having been poured into it since the 1990s when it was Netscape. Programming isn't magical after all. It's still engineering and no matter what materials and tools you pick, you still have to put in the hard work.

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