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TV Licensing...

The TV licensing idiots send a letter "to the occupier" of my house once a month with various threatening banners on the front such as "Investigations launched in your area" and "We've launched an official investigation" on the front. It's all very funny and a bit pathetic considering their complete lack of any authority.

How does this relate to scams... well, this the key reason I still receive these letter at my property : (A) Because there is no legal imperative for me to tell the licensing goons anything, via their website or on my doorstep, and (B) they are not having any of my personal details because of these persisiting scams.

The 419 boys from Lagos should certainly have a go though, as it certainly can't be any more laughable than Crapitas go at fraudulently and incorrectly trying to tell me why I need a TV license.

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