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"Now... ensuring that some of that money goes into the NHS (where only the uber rich could afford all the bills) to provide care for you in your hour of need ... sounds like value for money to me. So why avoid tax? I'm not talking on the legal basis here... but the moral one. Just because it's legal doesn't mean it's right."

Ok, thats an argument that I can get behind - I completely see your point, in fact I'd go as far as to say that I agree with you... To an extent.

My opinion is that the government runs the NHS and decides how much to pay in.. they also decide how much tax I *have* to pay, if they let me *legally* pay less tax then its fair game. Morality doesnt come into it... if it did then wouldn't you be obliged (as the moral person that I'm sure you are) to offer up some additional taxes to help the NHS?

If you drop HMRC a line and tell them you want to pay a bit more to help out the NHS I'm sure they would oblige you.

Morality shouldn't come into it at all... Morality changes from person to person and most people only consider things immoral if theyre not the one doing it.

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