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and while I am at it those flash cubes had a mechanical trigger often used with an extender the camera would push up a little silver rod to trigger the flash as they were totally sealed.

Constitutes Grievous bodily harm (GBH)

Being burned with EME is no laughing matter, whether microwave, VHF or other.

Microwave is what radar would have usually been, it can initially drive blood from affected areas, then cause 'compartment syndrome' where the body is burned internally, where there are few nerves so you feel very little after the initial heat, It often takes 1 year to heal, the body parts nearby, tissue, ligaments & other flesh adhere to one another, myelin sheathes & nerves are damaged producing numbness and dysfunction & can interfere with may organs, may interfere with glucose absorption & much more - just terrible.

Perhaps you would wish to reconsider your story in this light !

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