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Well he is now. I have a mate, well, he turns up to many of the BBQ's I'm invited to. He's the guy that will spew out the latest conspiracy theory trolling around the internet. Moon landings, Anti-vax, 9/11, the port arthur shootings, etc, etc,etc. Normally we either avoid long conversations with him, or suddenly change the subject. depending on the level of buzz you have going, sometimes it's fun to wind him up

Last weekend i flatly told him, after yet another lecture on the dangers of vaccinations, that I would be more worried about the levels of Dihydrogen Monoxide in No Sugar soda drinks. Another mate,a chemist, gave me a quizzical look, understood, then led the charge. Kept him quiet for the rest of the afternoon whilst he was googling " The dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide".

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