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In most developed democracies, a referendum to make major constitutional change requires a representative majority ( >50% of the electorate), or even a super majority (usually 60-75% of electorate).

Which should, of course, have been done when the attempt was made to create the EU out of the European Community by the Maastricht treaty. UK citizens weren't asked, others (France, Denmark) barely scraped through on 50+ %. You can't expect to have a supermajority vote to leave when there wasn't one to join, that would be undemocratic.

This is nothing more than an opinion poll and so positive and negative options were provided.

The Government overrode Parliament and made the poll BINDING.

If they'd wanted an opinion poll they could have had one, instead they called a referendum and are morally obliged to respect the result. If the vote had been 52% to remain I don't think you'd be complaining about it quite so much.

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