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Ripe ACTivIT ProgramMING Exercises/Beta AI Test Runs

How many trillion$ of fiat currency will secretive and paramilitarised intelligence services providing virtually and practically exactly the same type of product to struggling-to-maintain-and-retain-commanding-order governments have to be fined and by whom and/or what, if the playing fields are not to be totally destroyed and remade quite differently?

Or do the chiefs and grand wizards squatting there fully expect ACTive Impunity with Immunity and Protection against Crushing Prosecution and Crashing Persecution?

Can you even imagine that being a successful valid expectation in worlds getting surprisingly smarter and easily more dangerous much quicker than was ever before realised possible?

There's a whole new vast can of worms/treasure trove of bottomless bounty opened up there for Exploitation and Base Meta Data Feed/Seed/Need Mining, and it is rapidly expanding too with nothing in extant systems enabled to cope or defend against Sublime Surreal Subterranean Attacks/Deep Underground See Sorties.

And if you would deny that be such, you gotta get out more for you are missing out on what is freely available for exercising/testing/improving.

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