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Accounts whistleblower blackmailed Autonomy for a payoff, Mike Lynch tells High Court

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So your employee wage bill is £18k / month.

Let's divide that by two and give each side one mid-ranking lawyer on a reasonable fully loaded cost of £9k / month (incl. salary, tax, pension and benefits). Similar to what mid-ranking software developers cost.

Problem is that with just one lawyer, a case of this volume and complexity would take decades to complete.

Oh, and there's no money left for expert witnesses, for the judge, for copying, for transport, for office overheads, etc. etc. What about the techies that charge £100s per megabyte for simple OCR duties?

Your post shows abject ignorance. Just because you have a small business doesn't mean all businesses are small, especially not those that deal with the fall out of multi-billion dollar acquisitions gone wrong.

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