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It's happening, tech contractors: is pushing IR35 off-payroll rules to private sector in Finance Bill


"I think the govt recognsed the loop hole as to how contractors have been dodging taxes for decades and making millions, ..."

I believe the heavy use of the Limited Company model by contractors came about through more rubbish conservative legislation (the inability to see beyond the end of their nose and the resulting unintended consequence); at one time in the building trade firms were employing labours as self employed; the labours were paid without stoppages and subsequently paid no tax; legislation was introduced to throw liability for unpaid taxes back onto the firms employing the labours; this impacted all sectors with the result contracts would not be contracted unless they worked through some sort of company entity (i.e. avoiding liability for any resulting unpaid taxes); working through a company was forced and any resulting tax advantage is the fault of the conservative government of the time!

I wonder what will happen with the latest legislation?

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