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"my copy of Elite on 3.5" floppy for DOS 5.0."

Odd, I thought my copy of DOS 6 came on 5.25" floppy. I brought some 5.25" floppies into work yesterday for engineer show+tell; at least one of my co-workers had never seen one. A whopping 360 kb each!

"It's on cassette tape. With what shall I play them?"

I have a nice dual cassette deck, where each side can play both sides of the tape. (Think party - pop in 2 tapes, it plays front and back of each tape in sequence.) I hooked it up to my computer, and spent the past couple of weeks transferring tapes, mostly audiobooks. I'd better hurry - I think the belts in the deck are breaking. One side of the deck will no longer play either direction, and the other side only plays side B, not A...

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