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At least vinyl has made a comeback

What with records being fashionable again, at least there's a chance you can play your language course. I was going though my old box of computer crap the other day, Mum needed a spare power cord for a laptop. Turns out I've only got the old style kettle plug type, and not the newer 3 circles ones - and I realised how old my collection of "useful" stuff is. Too many parallel printer cables, and my copy of Elite on 3.5" floppy for DOS 5.0.

I also found my french language course from when I moved to Belgium. It's on cassette tape. With what shall I play them? More stuff for the bin, so at least the spare room is getting cleared.

Oh and Monsieur Dabbs - thanks for the term "wanker cash". When these people tell me that crypto-currency is the future, when fiat currencies collapse - I can simply reply, "your wanker cash is rather more likely to collapse first."

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