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Work inside ir35, with no holiday, no sickpay, no pension

You haven't got a clue what you are talking about.

If you're self-employed then you are both employer and employee. As an employer it's your job to provide for pensions, vacation and health cover for your employee (i.e. you). If you can't do that properly as an independent then perhaps you should be a permie? I know all too many "contractors" who raked in the cash, splashed it on fancy apartments & parties while laughing at wage-slave permies. Until they saw retirement age approaching and realized that they should have been saving... Too late now.

Demanding to pay less tax as an employee because your employer (yourself) isn't competent to arrange adequate benefits is a ludicrous position to take. If you're doing the same job as a permie you should pay the same tax as a permie. The rest is a matter of having a properly-run business, whether it's a big corp or a one-man-band.

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