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It's happening, tech contractors: is pushing IR35 off-payroll rules to private sector in Finance Bill

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

What the government has done here is to kill an industry stone dead.

It has made sure that people will no longer become contractors because there is no advantage in it. Lifestyle may be better but no longer can you work 6 months on 6 months off.

Permies making comments like "you are all paid too much" are just envious. You come and work at the risk we do, without any backing and then get told the money you earned for that, what you sacrificed all your career prospects and holiday and pension for. Oh yeah its gone because some politician had a short term tax motive.

This is going to be a disaster, all you have ensured is the big consultancies will now charge over 2k a day for a developer, because you will have no choice, because we won't be there anymore.

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