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Wifi operates entirely on the principle of a shared medium anyway.

No one client is going to get that 2.5Gbit/s, and if they did, they'd be better off with a cable anyway.

You have to go some to max out a wifi point, even of today's technology. And if you are, then pretty much you're using the wrong medium anyway.

Wifi is for casual, low-bandwidth, spiky-connections-acceptable use. Anything else needs to be wired.

Though you might "get away" with it for years, the second you start adding more stuff on wifi near the existing wifi (not even using it, but just trying to interfere/negotiate with it), your max speed will drop anyway.

I stream TV over my very busy Wifi at home quite happily, while gaming, downloading, browsing and all my junk is connected. But my work desk is wired for several very good reasons. Even though I'm the IT guy and I literally have a bunch of very expensive Wifi points to hand and one actually in the room above my desk.

Ethernet for "real work". Wifi for "casual". Yes, I can connect 150+ iPads, Chromebooks, etc. to the access point I use, and it works decently enough for all the ones that my team can physically use simultaneously (i.e. one per person). But you can kill the point with just one huge download unless you prioritise and limit traffic appropriately. I can kill wifi site-wide if there are big updates to push to all the wireless clients (averaging 30-40 clients per AP). I wouldn't ever use Wifi to do huge downloads, copy files, sync network drives, etc.

Our wifi points are Gigabit. If they max out, they max out. I can't guarantee you a signal, a speed, or any reliability on them. You may well *get* good service in those respects out of them, but I will not guarantee it. Especially when you decide to sit 600 people in a place with a handful of access points and then tell them all to "download this video and watch it". Game over. But if you did that site-wide via a Skype call to all their wired desktops, even across sites, over the local network... not a problem in the slightest. I wouldn't even flinch and I'd guarantee that for you.

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