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Re: Wi-Fi 6 represents the end of the idea of wiring desks for Ethernet

That statement was meant for the clueless ID10Ts in Manglement in an attempt to persuade them to splurge money on new shiny-shiny.

Troops in the trenches know better. But don't tell Manglement that, they know better.

Shades of an argument my former CIO had with another C-suite, who was totally clueless. We were renovating a couple of floors in our building when this occurred, with plans already made for Cat 7 F/FTP to be installed. He wanted to save money, and suggested using WiFi for the more than 150 people on each of the two floors. Without telling him, she had the cable installed in the wall, and the switches in place but powered off. Only the WiFi APs were hot. People bitched and moaned about how pathetic the network was. One morning after a month of hearing complaints, she had enough (I would suspect the CEO told her the point was well made) powered up the switches and handed out patch cords to every desktop on those floors, throwing one at the Mangler. "Plug your god damn computer into the orange wall jack, stop whining, and get to work." Mangler just sat there blown away by the sudden speed increase. She took the CEO aside, and I watched as she pointed at that Mangler and gave a `throat slitting move`. The CEO smirked, and nodded in the affirmative. That Mangler was seeking employment opportunities elsewhere before noon.

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