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Wi-Fi 6 represents the end of the idea of wiring desks for Ethernet

That's total nonsense. Wireless is a SHARED channel. WiFi has no licencing or controls.

Even 15 yo wiring supports 1 Gbps PER DESK to the switch. WiFi is really handy and useful, but it doesn't replace wiring to the desk, which needs power wiring anyway.

Some of this will allow WiFi to compete with 5G in stadiums and auditoriums. However for the majority of homes and offices it's not going to make much difference in the real world. Perhaps it might help apartments a little, though RF screened walls, ceiling and floor is the best help. You'd want RF screened windows too, which blocks mobile. However if your Mobile number could "swap over" to wired / fibre broadband and connect to the phone via your WiFi point for incoming calls & SMS, not just IP based IM/VOIP (outgoing is easier) that would be more use than supposed super fast 4G/5G and this WiFi. However that would lose revenue for the Mobile companies, which is why they want LTE and "5G" pico-mobile-bases on WiFi bands.

No doubt WiFi 6 has good things but it's hype to say Corporates will need to change deployment plans or stop wiring desks.

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