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You TalkTalk a big game, says ads watchdog, but your testing not good enough to say your Wi-Fi's best

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A TalkTalk spokesman was undeterred, insisting: "We have one of the best routers on the market"

I received the Talktalk Sagemcom wifi hub when I signed up to their VDSL service but personally wasn't overly impressed with it. it might have reasonable wireless signal but it is let down in a lot of other areas. The admin interface is poor with it being hard to find some settings due to a bad UI and some advanced settings missing completely.

Its also lacking a USB port which means no plugging in a printer, or memory stick and being able to share it over your network. Something that the old Huawei routers they used to supply were able to do.

In the end I swapped it out for an ASUS VDSL router running ASUSWRT and flogged the Talktalk unit on ebay.

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