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A marvellous idea, so you are willing to pay $500 for an item made in Canada rather than $200 for an utterly identical item made in China? No? Thought not. Nobody is. 50 years ago it was Taiwan, then Japan, South Korea, Thailand, now China, and next probably India/Cambodia/Myanmar.

The problem with manufacturing is wages, so historically most manufacturing goes to those countries with the cheapest wages. The cost of the product at point of sale is what matters to people in our consumer society. In the "Western world" we are better off investing in low volume bespoke products that the cheap wage economies can't do or aren't interested in as we will never be able to compete in an "open" market. Fartus (and others) ideas of protectionism is doomed to failure as always. Oh it may work short term, but long term not a chance.

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