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"is fading. Trump's trade wars make it fade faster."

so says your opinion without any evidence. And yet, the U.S. economy has been steadily growing since Trump signed the first executive order... and to some extent, right after the election in anticipation of same.

No matter how you try to obfuscate the truth, state opinions as if they were facts, and blame Trump for it, you can't deny that his policies are WORKING.

Wages are up. Unemployment is down. And the thing that matters the MOST for international agreements, that BOTH SIDES benefit from it [not just a one-sided bend-over-and-expose-my-anus "agreement" like what one-world-order politicians dealt out since Bush I), then you end up with where we're headed right now...

U.S. economic dominance comes from one thing: Freedom. Free thinking, Free markets, and the freedom to COMPETE properly. Get GUMMINT out of the way, and KEEP IT OUT OF THE WAY. THAT will get you ECONOMIC DOMINANCE.

So if you want such a thing in UK, then GET THE SOCIALISM OUT OF THE WAY. And do the "Brexit".

When a job returns to "an exchange of work for money at the market rate", and is no longer "a right" or "a demand" or something worse [basic income being ONE example], then people actually WORK HARDER and get MORE done in LESS time because, if they do NOT, they are REPLACED by those who WILL.

And that is a GOOD thing.

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