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What about FTTC?

I personally love the fact that all the news headlines are always about 5G, even the UK networks are talking about not using Huawei kit - or replacing existing Huawei kit. But never does anyone mention - hey, what about the >80% of Fibre Cabinets we all rely on to get online with Fibre, they are full of Huawei kit, the competitor ECI did not do a great job with realtime vectoring and Huawei were apparently the only company who could step up to the job and provide BT with the technology required.

So what I don't understand is why everyone so terrified about the possibility that Huawei might be spying using our mobile networks, but no-one was at all bothered that Huawei could get vast amounts of information by spying at the Fibre level?

Was it by any chance, because the cost of replacing every Huawei cabinet in the country with an alternative (which may not actually exist) was both prohibitively expensive and also would have set the Fibre rollout back by at least half a decade?

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