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Trump: Huawei ban will be lifted!
US Commerce Dept.: Yeah, about that…


The older, established telcos are also notoriously conservative when it comes to choice of vendors, many of them have been buying whatever it is that Ericsson has had in the catalogue since the 1950s and possibly even 1920s. It's the same with the companies that Nokia now owns : remnants of Western Electric/Lucent/Bell Labs, ITT, Alcatel, Siemens Networks and Nokia itself. I remember talking to an engineer in a major Irish telco who considered Cisco a bit of a of an 'upstart'... and this was in the 2000s!

Huawei had established a strong reputation through smaller telcos that had disrupted the market and then the bigger ones eventually started buying their equipment too, but I'd say this move will have driven them back to the safety of the old vendor partnerships.

I'd say this move will really have done them and other Chinese vendors enormous damage and I doubt it was deserved.

The slight irony is that the major vendors in that area aren't American. It will probably drive a lot of infrastructure business back to Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, Fujitsu etc

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