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AI advertising technology II : Accurate Ads

However, I can refer to Microsoft's success, cannot I? "Microsoft has significantly improved the MT-DNN approach to NLU, and finally surpassed the estimate for human performance on the overall score on GLUE (87.6 vs. 87.1) on June 6, 2019." That is, Microsoft proved my patented method for what I called "lecture noise" purging, which used to be the main practical obstacle to the practical existence of this database; where "lexical noise is typically superfluous predictive definitions that do not explain the central themes contained within the digital textual information and, accordingly, removal of such noise often results in an improvement in the quality of the structured data."

So despite the fact that I could not produce and demonstrate my AI database yet - all its theoretical justification proved by third and completely independent parties. Which gives me the right to talk about AI database almost as a given in perception, right?

Thus, the methods and system of advertising have changed radically, I changed them once and for all.

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