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AI advertising technology : Accurate Ads

First of all, AI advertising technology is extremely accurate. AI advertising looks for potential buyers into AI database; that is, almost 100% accuracy of advertising targeting is guaranteed! and the probability of a subsequent purchase can become almost absolute! because AI advertising technology compares many thousands of patterns, while now only very few are compared; compares with respect to the importance of patterns (which does not exist now and cannot exist without AI-parsing).

Secondly, AI advertising technology is looking for a potential buyer regardless of his activity on-line - it's aimed at the patterns only, and not at his activity which caused the arrival of them. AI does not need to spy and steal!

Thirdly, such attention to the patterns can bring us all absolute anonymity on-line - advertisers do not need to know who owns what profile, they do not need to know our preferences, what we saw and read - they need only our patterns.

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