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Open Source may be the way to prevent disruption

The orange swamp thing has recently shown how vulnerable the economic use of foreign technology can be. Imagine the Trump admin telling Microsoft to stop doing business with China. I was in China in 2008 when Microsoft killed all the pirated XP machines.. That was interesting. Me and my colleagues were the only ones with working XP machines on campus. The disruption of Huawei and causing it such damage is due to the vulnerability of the rights to use being related to foreign law. In a way exactly the game China has played with foreign companies for quite some time, also basing itself on national security. But the idea that China will open its borders to Western tech companies and an end to censorship which was rumored to be the case is pretty deluded. 90 Million Chinese depend on that system for their privileges. They will stick it out till 2020 and if need be longer.

One thing that open source has to offer here is the lack of political sources of disruption. Considering the increase of disruptors and disruptions worldwide, it may well be the obvious economic choice for the industry.

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