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Poetic justice: Mum funnels £100 into claw machine to win single Dumbo teddy for her kid

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Everything is always rigged, even the games of 'skill'. I remember a football game on Brighton pier, shoot at a player silhouette to knock it over and get a prize. The impression given is that they are hinged at the bottom, but they're actually hinged half way up, so you need to hit the 'head' part to flip it over. Plus the silhouettes are on a raised platform to make it more difficult.

Luckily I hit my first shot at the base hard enough for it to bounce a bit so I realised where the hinge was and directed my remaining 2 shots at the head and made one of them count. Won a hat for my friend :)

hoop throwing games - objects are only marginally smaller than hoop. Throwing games - the targets are heavier than they look and the balls are remarkeably light. etc etc etc.

Do it for the fun! If you're doing it for the prize it's not worth it!

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