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What about antisocial networks and Internet round-up engines?

With all the respect to Andrew Ng, but I don't think this is "one of the most disgusting applications of AI". It might be discusting, OK, and also stupid, infantile, pervert and so on, but, personally, I find, by several orders of magnitude, more disgusting - and also dangerous - those criminal activities performed by some anti-social networks and Internet round-up engines which use AI to profile all the earth's population and trade those data. They also use the data to control and manipulate elections, political issues, they bring instabilities (political, economical, etc) throughout the world. Because of their round-ups people also remain without medical insurance (because they or their family members are profiled as ill or genetically predisposed for a serious illness, and therefore not profitable for insurance companies), house loan, without job,...People *DIE* because of that digital round-ups! And not because of fake nudity. And that's what we need to condemn and to stop, in the first place! Right now!

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