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The correct answer to any of these images is "I wish that <insert part> looked like that" "yeah like that looks real" "big whoop nurses, doctors have all seen it and half the population has those parts"

I get some people would find it embarrasing, but trust me folks after urological surgery under local anaesthesia and knowing that a LARGE group of people (males and females of all ages and appearances) have seen your genitals and even more have seen them in a post surgery and borderline mutailated state (bruised, stitched up oozing wounds, post surgery infection - yeah that was "fun"....not) during numerous checkups.........the "oh my god folk have seen me naked" loses its effect on you and rapidly so, to the point I would just mentally add it to the lengthy list of folk who've seen my "private parts" and particularly when your told they found pre-cancerous lesions which they removed, it gets to be "meh"

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