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Samsung tears wraps off Bixby Marketplace, tens of people go wild. (One at the back whispers, 'Siri, what's Bixby?')

MJI Silver badge

Very bossy phones.

I get free work mobiles and get various brands.

Currently Samshit.

Unfortunately its replacement is as well, also would not root so still using old one.

First phone to break when slipped out of pocket.

Only second phone to be punished.

I know they are inanimate objects but sorry the following deserve punishment.

1) Force installing facebook app and not allowing me to delete it after I had deleted it previously.

2) Force installing and running a pay application (every few days force stop).

3) After updates break the camera so I cannot see in screen when I take a picture.

4) Spell checking real words and abbreviations to non existing words (change KB to fix that).

5) Keeps moaning about Firefox.

But then it has survived punches, throwing at walls.

I effing hate it.

Boss has one with something called a bixy or something like that, total shit.

Probably why we are lumbered with these monstrosities.

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