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Another reCaptcha victim

I use Linux/Firefox/AdBlocklPlus/NoScript and am unable to pass a reCaptcha test no matter how many times I click on the correct boxes or twiddle settings (short of removing protection completely). This results in me simply refusing to patronize sites that have a reCaptcha test.

On a separate note: Similar to user JonFen (above) in order to mitigate the risk of malicious apps (any app that snoops on data originating in another app), I also use the strategy of keeping apps segregated on multiple devices and no overlapping logins.

Financial and other sensitive activity is relegated to a privacy-oriented Linux desktop (NEVER a mobile OS).

A bare Android Pie phone with the minimum number of necessary contacts and no add'l apps installed for voice calls.

An iPad with a soft-phone app, also used as audiobook player with side-loaded media.

An HP-Touchpad (webOS) as a bluetooth music player (just because I love webOS and the ability to use a device that isn't trying to mine all my data.) [Once upon a time you could keep a calendar, to-do list, contacts, and notes WITHOUT GIVING ALL THAT DATA TO GOOGLE, et al. Imagine that!]

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