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Re: Re-Captcha is not anti-bot - it is anti-human

Ah, so I am not alone there.

I had long ago signed up for the Humble Bundle promos to one of my throwaway email accounts, and I wanted to see if I could set it to only inform me about products with a Linux version. I soon found that I couldn't get into the damned website... the ReCaptcha thing kept messing with me until it finally said (after many painful minutes of being told that I was wrong on each puzzle) that it could not verify me, and told me to try again later. Of course, the audio recaptcha is never available, as it just gives me the nonsense "your computer may be sending automated queries" (I guarantee you it isn't, Google). So much for accessibility.

I messed around until I finally got in to Humble Bundle, and I was so angry by then that I just unsubscribed and sent them a sharply-worded message explaining my issue. As in some of the examples in the comments above, the person who eventually read the message (if that ever happened) probably just thought that since they never have any trouble, and most of their customers never have any trouble, it must be on my end. They probably use Chrome without any privacy addons and just let it track their happy arse all over the web, which is what Google ReCaptcha wants the peons to do. Good little peon!

I guess there is an element of truth in the "it must be something with your system" explanation. If my system would just let Google track me and harvest my personal data, I'd be allowed to be human too. Humans get tracked by Google, don't you know that?

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