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I did contact them, first thing before asking for the manual transfer was to have a go at them about the recaptcha, but the thing is, the guy on the phone did not even understand the problem. He was just a normal support worker, not even techie. For him it always "just let him in", no problem.

Their argument was "security is most important for our clients", and "It is the industry standard", and "there must be something wrong with your system". Basically just trying to deflect and placate me without offering anything concrete.

Even if I do move my money to one of their competitors (which I may well do, because 24+ hours later, Google still isn't letting me in), there is no guarantee their competitors will not follow "industry standards" and use Google anyway.

I can moan at them all I want to, and even take my money out, but unless other people collectively do the same, I am basically pissing against the wind. And as most people are fully plugged into FB and/or Google, they won't even have this issue. It may well all work seamlessly for them, which in their eyes makes it something "wrong" with me or my systems.

And that is another issue, just like with DRM, and Spyware (FB, Android, etc...), and our rallies against constant global surveillance, and everything else techies get worked up on, normal people just don't get it.

They didn't get our objections to Microsoft in the 90s (until they got locked into an ecosystem that bled them dry of money, was insecure and unreliable). They didn't get DRM (until they started getting kicked out of their itunes/pandora/etc... collection ). And now, they don't get our objections to Google and FB (although they are waking up a bit to the "oh crap" moment, mostly due to Cambridge Analytica).

By the time the masses figure out what we have been screaming at them for the last 10 years, it is already too late to change things. Like now, when they are waking up to maybe FB/Google are not being quite so good, pure and innocent, their JS is already injected all over the web, controlling and logging as much as they can, while they pretty much got entire peoples lives in photos/videos/messages/locations/etc... all stored up.

I mean, Google wants to be in your car (it already is in some modern ones) with the goal to eventually be your car in complete.

AI is working on remotely identifying people based on their gait, or even the pattern of their heartbeat.

Facebook wants to be your one stop bank/transaction broker with Libra.

The way things are going, in future you may find yourself either plugged into FB/Google or unable to function in most of society.

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