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US cop body cam maker says it won't ship face-recog tech in its kit? Due to ethics? Did we slip into a parallel universe?

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I'd guess the problem is really that they don't have access to appropriate technology at the price point they're willing to pay. You give the Marketing people a sow's ear and they make an ethical silk purse from it. Win/win.

As for facial recognition technology not being particularly accurate its probably at least as good as the currently used eyeball system -- witness eye recognition is notoriously bad but we still convict people of crimes based on eyewitness testimony. Facial recognition at least has known errors so we know that if it gives a positive match then its just an indicator, not proof. The danger then is just the temptation to fit the recognized person up but I suppose that will never happen in practice since it never happens with other evidence.

The biggest danger is that facial recognition not only works quite well but is likely to get a whole lot better very quickly. Its already proving to be usable for immigration control (there are pilot programs in the US). But I'd guess that we don't want to alarm people too much, much less start a fashion in IR confusing clothing and body decor.

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