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US cop body cam maker says it won't ship face-recog tech in its kit? Due to ethics? Did we slip into a parallel universe?


Assuming we as a race somehow inexplicably fail to destroy ourselves for long enough, there will be a moment in the (far, far) future where access to information by those who govern people - things like what should NOT be collected, what should NOT be searchable under ANY conditions - will be strictly regulated and limited as much as possible, with a draconian rigour; this will be happening* as a reaction to the utterly, unspeakably horrible atrocities committed earlier, enabled by large scale availability and collection of any and all data about everything - a thing that needs to happen first, so people have something to point at in horror saying "never again**!".

* That is, of course, assuming it doesn't all go the Orwell route where the (im)balance of power breaks so completely that removing said boot from people's faces becomes truly impossible forevermore.

** Also assuming we don't just flat out end up denying any of it ever happened after a single generation or two, encouraged by those who very much like having all that data and immense power and would very much love to see it happen again.

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