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You're not Boeing to believe this, but... Another deadly 737 Max control bug found

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According to Bloomberg, "Boeing Co.’s CEO received $23.4 million last year for turbocharging growth and driving record performance -- before the second deadly crash of its best-selling 737 Max jetliner plunged the company into crisis." Dennis Muilenburg is actually pretty good at creating "craters": moved the headquarters to Chicago to bust the unions in Seattle, shipped off the defense group to Tulsa Oklahoma so experienced employees quit instead of relocating, and he ran Future Combat Systems for the Army (right into the ground). Terms like "acquisition gone wrong" and disaster. For the $32 Billion, Boeing sucked out the US taxpayers, the Army got a stack of pretty charts and graphs, and absolutely no real hardware.

Boeing has been off course since the merger with McDonald Douglas. I expect another defect will be found before September and it will be closer to a year before 737 Max flies again. Even with good preservation techniques, planes sitting on the ground for 6 months or more are going to need a good maintenance go over before flying. Pilots will have moved on to other planes and will refresher training. The FAA is going to scrub every safety issue and the more time the FAA has the more problems they will find. The bill to either restart the production line or to keep it "warm" while not selling planes has got to be eating into Boeing's cash margins. Somehow or the other, I bet Dennis still will get to collect $ 24 M, even as the 737 Max can't pass "GO"

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