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Real solution...

Fix the aerodynamics, lose the band-aid.

Essentially, the problem is that the aircraft is inherently unstable because of the engine positioning compromises. Boeing's initial test pilot (Ray Craig) recommended a hardware [aerodynamic] fix during simulator testing, but Boeing went with software compensation instead. Unfortunately, more issues emerged during real flight testing, and the software was "enhanced" and given more control. The rest, as they say, is history. Very good analysis available at

IMnsHO, this is a typical greed-induced clusterfsck resulting in an essentially unsafe design without the knowledge of anybody important (engineers, pilots, technical regulators etc.). I've no doubt that the approved "fix" will involve various changes so that the calculated probability-of-failure is inside some arbitrary threshold value, but the aircraft will continue to be unstable by design. And one day, everything will align in just the wrong way, the tiny probability of MCAS failure will come to pass, and more people will die. Refer to swiss cheese, or the old software development adage is that "If something can happen, soon or later it will happen".

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