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Pretty sure that is EXACTLY what they are saying...

But more importantly, there is NO SUCH THING as HCI in the market today. Not a single "HCI" vendor offers what the term "Hyper-Converged Infrastructure" set out to mean.

What Nutanix, Simplivity, Hyperflex, Scale, etc. are offering is "Converged in a Box", NOT HCI!

With this offering HPE has broken the "mold" of HCI to actually get closer to offering what HCI has always attempted to promise: Centralized Management, Control, Support, well as independent scale.

Current solutions centralize HyperVisor, Compute, and Storage, but they don't offer networking ( they don't, external networking, and thus additional management is required), and they do not offer independent scale ( they don't, "storage only nodes" still have to have compute and other requirements).

Once HPE networking becomes part of this stack...HCI will actually "exist", because HCI was never meant to be about hardware/components/etc. anyway, it was all about management, control, and support! in the effort to depart from HCI by using the term dHCI, HPE is actually moving closer to "true" HCI!

We will see how the market embraces that move...and what the "HCI" MQ will look like in the guess is it will be devoid of hardware players, and comprised of software/API/Automation players...and all will be right in the world!

Just my $.02

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