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The Great IoT Protocol War may have been won: Thread's 1.2 release aims at business

Pascal Monett Silver badge

"each company trying its best not to work with the others"

That was fine before this because there was no reason to become compatible. Ease of use does not include being friendly with the competition.

But now, apparently, things have changed. If this new Thread does what it says on the tin, the enterprise market is going to flock to it and the home market will have to follow because manufacturers are not going to bother with one protocol for business and one for home. That would be a useless hassle.

And if that happens, then the upcoming versions of Nest, Ring and Homekit are going to have to be compatible or they will not sell well.

It's as if Apple was forcing the use of TokenRing - yeah, it works, but everyone is using Ethernet these days, so Apple would be restricting itself to a very slim margin of the market. If Thread 1.2 fulfills its promises, then the others will just have to get in line.

And that will be a good thing for everyone.

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