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EE-k, a hundred grand! BT's mobile arm slapped for sending 2.5m+ unwanted texts

Lee D Silver badge

I'm not an EE customer, but to ALL telecoms providers (and others!):

Stop sending me junk.

All is does is make me use your services *LESS*, not more.

I always opt-out, mainly because then I want to know who *can't* understand a simple customer request (or secure their customer database) or who wilfully goes against such requests, so I can adjust my purchasing decisions accordingly.

P.S. I couldn't care less about your app, either. Even if it was just a service message, go away. If I said no texts, I'll suffer no texts. Unless it's about "everything is broke and isn't going to work, we're working on it" or "we're about to cut you off because you haven't paid your bill", then I don't want to know.

P.P.S. Send me one of those American-style missing child alerts at 4am, when the child is in another state, and they happen almost every evening. Go on. I dare you. As it is, the phone number I give out to people is actually connected to a 4G Wifi box that can't ring, start playing games with me and I'll just carry one of those around with me and have my phone only connect to its Wifi so you can't even do that.

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