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"Telling me that last week something funny happened and not be able to tell me what that was or show me it again means I can often do absolutely nothing about it."

I have to say this to my parents all the time. How they can not know even the most basic vocabulary is an ongoing puzzle.

Tell me about it!

I get that from so many other people. Just some vague "the computer isn't right" and an inability to articulate what is off.


Sometimes when I am riding my bike (or even stuck in a cage) I can tell at times when something is 'wrong' even though it may take a bit to work it out. Might be a slightly different smell coming through letting me know something is a bit off, or a tiny bit of sluggishness telling me there's a problem with the carbs, the plugs, tyres are a little low or something. Sometimes I can't really say what it is, just that she somehow feels different. How? That takes some testing and maybe actually requires breaking out some real tools and looking at things.

I can do all my own work (though sometimes I am happy to pay others - eg mounting a tyre is a pain I'd rather not go through!), have rebuilt the carbs and done extensive engine work, know the ignition system intimately and know things like plug specs like the back of my hand, yet sometimes still cannot articulate what 'feels wrong' other than to say 'something is off'.

But I still find it infuriating when someone says their computer 'was acting funny last week' and cannot say how :)

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